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Beyond Myself

Beyond Myself is a traveling exhibition that arises from the AHRC funded project Curating Development.

The exhibition makes visible Filipino Migrants’ investments in and contributions to Philippine Futures.

Strip 2

is an exhibition that derives from arts based workshops with Filipinos, mainly women, in London and Hong Kong.

There are now 10 million+ Filipinos living and working outside the Philippines.  Women who migrate often work in the care sector.  They are nurses, care workers, care givers, nannies and housekeepers.

The money, goods and ideas they send home to the Philippines contribute to the country’s development.  Beyond Myself makes some of those contributions visible.

Strip 3

Carpalita B. Carag and Rowena E. Brioso

Pencil on paper


Strip 4

The title comes from this graphic made for one of the workshop participants by her partner in the Philippines.

The two women met in Hong Kong and subsequently decided that one of them should return to the Philippines to prepare for their lives together there.


The caption ‘beyond myself’ speaks to their dreams and ambitions, the conditions that structure their lives, and the multiple demands on their time and resource, as well as the love, courage and determination that sustain them across the years.

Strip 5

Alongside of the virtual gallery, the left hand tab, Afterlives describes some of the events and activities that have followed from and built on Beyond Myself exhibitions while the right hand tab, Our Story gives more background about the project, people and process behind the exhibition.

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