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Day Off Mo?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Four Guhit Kulay members, Noemi Manguerra, Leeann Hidalgo, Cecil Eduarte and Cristine Cayat, were invited by Alma Quinto, a Filipino visual artist and artist in residence at the Centre for Heritage Arts and Textile (CHAT), to collaborate on her Day Off Mo? project in Hong Kong. The project involved participatory art and exhibition making featuring textiles and included soft statue installations in "blackman" or statue square. Guhit Kulay artists created the soft statues and clothed them as way to represent and challenge expectations about, in their terms, "me and my culture" and an intervention, in Alma Quinto’s terms, into the dominant ‘one dimensional view’ of Filipinos in Hong Kong. As GK artist Cristine Cayat says, ‘It is not a protest but it is a thought provoking scene. We are very grateful for the collaboration of Ate Alma Quinto and CHAT Hong Kong’.

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